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“Wendy is to the point and helps you make progress quickly”


Counselling is available for the following struggles:

Blended Family
Mediation for family conflict
Custody Parenting Plans
Child Development and parenting
Personality conflicts
Communication Conflicts
Aging parents
Parenting Teens
Parent-Teen Conflict

Wendy Jebb uses a combination of the therapeutic approaches including family conflict therapy, solution focused therapy and colour spectrums personality inventories.

Family Conflict Resolution as a counselling method. In relationships everyone is involved in both the problem and therefore everyone needs to be a part of finding the solution. This happens by first identifying the problem. You cannot make changes when you disagree on what the problem is or do not know exactly what role you play in the existence of this problem. Identifying the problem includes learning and using skills of listening and communicating that are free from criticism, judgement and harsh words. After identifying the problem and your role in this problem, you will look at what you want back in your life, your goals. You will then all together begin to create a game plan. What role will you take to reach this goal? What can you change about your role in the problem? The exciting part is that you have planned to make changes together, you are all focused on a solution and focused on family peace.

Solution focused therapy involves envisioning the future without today’s problems. For those who do not wish to rethink and relive past experiences this form of counselling may be of interest to you. During the course of counselling you will be aided towards discovering solutions and your strengths and use them to bypass the perceived barriers to these solutions. The emphasis is on the future not the past. The role of the counsellor is to help you to identify solutions that will remove barriers in living the life you want. This can be a very empowering and uplifting process.

ColourSpectrums Personality Inventories is a personality styles and human dynamics model which can be presented to groups, families or couples. ColourSpectrums is based on Carl Jung’s personality theory of human development. Participants sort the ColourSpectrums cards to reveal unique personality strengths and challenges. This exciting process incorporates self-discovery and group interactions that celebrate existing natural strengths and emerging human potential. This positive educational atmosphere of fun and discovery includes learning for everyone. ColourSpectrums is effective in use with individuals, families and groups. It helps you to value diversity by appreciating everyone’s ColourSpectrums; other people’s priorities, delights and talents. ColourSpectrums increases team-effectiveness by creating an enchanting, user-friendly language that everyone can use. Diversity is appreciated, stress and conflict are reduced, communication improves and productivity soars

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